Monday, June 8, 2009

Robin Paparazzi

I think this one is my favorite one (above). This is one of the parents of the baby bird below.

Mmm ... worms for breakfast.

The robin keeps coming back. Last weekend, I was digging up some roots of a - shall we say - "rather busy" plant that was not-so gradually taking up the beds that get the best sun.

I put an ad on Craig's list and a lady came over and got the plants (for free) for her yard which is MUCH larger than mine. Everyone wins.

Anyway, the robin came back ... and stole, err, I mean ate some worms. This bird doesn't seem all that afraid when I get near with the camera. It makes it fun. It feels like I am the Robin paparazzi, ha ha.

I was looking at some old pictures and I have Robin pictures for the past three years or so. I really do love springtime!


  1. Neat! We've been over-run with birds in the woods the past few days. I don't know what's going on, but they've been noisy!

  2. I love Spring, too. I never tire of watching the bird parents feeding their chicks.

  3. I like your pictures. He does look like he's posing for you!


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