Friday, May 22, 2009

The Last Day in my 30's

My sister "Teddy" and my nieces #1 and #2 sent flowers...a card that plays "Over the Rainbow" ... with drawings! Fred and Ginger, and Tap Shoes sent a lovely card. I am a lucky gal! and my bday isn't til tomorrow! Birdie's Mama and Papa gave me a very generous gift of cash (one dollar for each year...getting older does have some perks, ha ha), and a drawing from Birdie.


  1. I turned 40 yesterday. DH spent all year trying to convice me I was actually in my 40th year because we live a whole year before our first birthday. Crazy man! Anway, hope your birthday is as happy as mine!

  2. Happy belated birthday! Beautiful flowers...

  3. Aw! Happy Belated. How thoughtful of your friends and family :) I hope you had an enjoyable day!


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