Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Wild Life in the Big City

This baby bird and its family seems to be living under our back porch. These birds seem to have a death wish, what with the Golden Retriever aka hunting is instinct and the cats hunting and killing is instinct...I have some better pics of the little guy which I will post another time. In this one he looks a little like an owlet. So peculiar.

Either way, this little guy has been perching on the back porch about 4 feet from the back door we use to let Gracie out in the yard. It does not fly well at this point and is acting a bit stubborn if you ask me. Sort of like the teenager out after curfew.

So, with all the bird drama...I've been letting Gracie out the front on the leash which I hate so much at night time.

Any suggestions? I don't want to disrupt this family, but they are in such danger! I am very glad that it isn't an opossum.


  1. I have to laugh... at our house in the woods, I worry about the adult owl snatching up Gretchen!

  2. It should only be a couple days before his flying talents are developed, then he'll take off.

  3. It is fun having wildlife so close, I know that here, the kids and I are constantly checking out all the critters, but when it comes to the birds and squirrels, Zahra and Katie love to chase! Hopefully he flies off soon, and you wont have to fend for his safety any longer.


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