Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

My dear readers, I would like to dedicate this entry to my mom, my sister and my friends who are also moms (Birdie's Mama, you know who you are).

My dad took this photo in 1971. It is one of my favorite photographs because my mom and I both really like elephants, and we are looking at a Mama and a baby elephant. Mom's pregnant with my little sister in this picture too, which makes it all the more special to me. Those last moments of being the only child.

In recent years, we have begun a tradition of going to garden centers on Mother's Day. Every year I add a shrub to my yard, and each one is now thriving. We have, in past, have some very intense car rides to these places and some not that big of a deal. I think that's just part of our dynamic. Today, we are going to be trying a new place which is always a bit of an adventure. I tend toward the familiar with this type of thing but that's alright.

To all of you moms out there...

Happy Mother's Day


  1. Funny... My brother inlaw used to always take MIL to the local greenhouse on Mother's Day too.

  2. My cousins always give their mom a new tree for Mother's Day. Good tradition.

  3. Great pic, makes me feel nostalgic. I'm of similar vintage ;)


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