Friday, March 6, 2009

A New Handle?

So, I've been contemplating a the blogosphere...and a new name.

This is not surprising, I have this restlessness about me and find that staying with one name is boring (to me, about me...other people are just fine with the same name their whole lives - it makes sense and is far more predictable and organized).

So, this change actually would mean a number of changes

  1. Changing the header on my blog
  2. Maybe moving the blog and or changing the url some kind of way
  3. And THAT would mean updating all the webrings
  4. Changing my Ravelry name (this is how it all started)
  5. Oh, and picking a name I can live with. Ha ha.
Any other changes, I'm not thinking of? It will likely help discourage me if it is too big an undertaking...which it is panning out to be.

What if I just change my header? And my Ravelry name. Hmm.


  1. As one who doesn't like her name, I've tried this before to no avail. Only my college friends call me by the name I dislike least; everyone else reverts back to Chan, which is still better than my given FIRST name...

    It all seems to be rather much a bother. I need to update my blog roll (or just delete it?), and can't get motivated to do that.

  2. Hello - my two cents is to keep the same handle. Update the header with a spiffy banner.

  3. Updating the look of your blog would be the easiest thing to do. There is a link to the Cutest Blog on the Block on my blog, you can find lots of great templates there. And you can change the header to say anything you want & you don't have to change the actual web address. :)

    Can you change your ravelry name without having a whole new acct?

  4. Ooohhh, it's all sparkly too! How fun!

  5. I agree with Anita's comments about the blog and question the Rav name change. Can you do that w/o a new account?
    Gee, I am having trouble posting my comment so here goes another try

  6. I had to try three times to post. Not sure what you changed.

    Anyway, I agree with Anita about the blog and question the Rav name change.

  7. I think knitter in an urban zoo is great, but I also agree with everyone else that has an opinion....I feel like it would be such a hassle! And then to end up going through that hassle every time you get antsy for a name change? ugh! I think you should just rotate through different backgrounds, and headers when you want something new or to glam it up... The cutest blog on the block has really cute options... my blog layout is from them as well.

    Good luck :)


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