Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whiskers on Wednesday

This cat is a happy cat.

She got to go to the groomer on Saturday morning, her mom (me) got up at the crack of dawn to get her there for an 8 am appointment.

Here is an account of the Grooming Day Expedition, as recalled by Ruthie's Mama (aka Gracie's Mama, Georgie's Mama, Idgie's Mama, Not-so Cynical Knitting Gal):

Phase One - This phase begins when I start realizing that going to the groomer is the only option for getting the mats out from this long haired cat who likes to roll around in dirt for sport.

Phase Two - The phone call. Really, you would think that this isn't a big deal but for some reason it is. Maybe it is the anticipation of the various following phases that deters me from calling.

Phase Three - The appointment is scheduled.

Phase Four - Anxiety about Phases Five, Six, Seven, Eight and Nine.

Phase Five - Irritation about Phases Five, Six and Seven. Typically characterized by Lehu's frequent "oh, lucky Ruthie is going to the Groomer on Saturday" and my visceral reaction to it. Phases Four and Five tend to repeat in rapid succession for the time between Phase Three and Phase Six. Pathetic, I know.

Phase Six - Getting up and getting out of the house before 8 am. The night before I set an alarm and worry that it won't go off or that I won't get up. This is dumb, really, because I always get up...but whatever, it's Phase Six.

Phase Seven - Getting the cat into the carrier. Ho-lee cow, this cat is not only squirmy but also very strong. But I am getting ahead of myself because Phase Seven is actually finding the cat and carrier without letting on that said cat is going to be inserted into the carrier. She does not like getting into the carrier if you have not already gathered this.

Phase Eight - I have found the cat and the carrier, placed the carrier in a location that allows me space to work while does not present too much information to the squirmy, strong, and smart cat. Oh, and I also leave the carrier open and ready.

Phase Nine - Pet the kitty and pick her up (she isn't a big fan of being picked up but I do it regularly so at times like this my plans for her do not seem so obvious) and quickly go to the carrier and hold her front and back legs toward her body so she can't hold the edges of the carrier and try to keep herself out. This time she went in on the first try! Seriously, I was excited, but could NOT...I repeat...could NOT relish that victory because she was trying to push her way out of the carrier and the dang thing wouldn't zip. OMG, I was holding her in with one hand and zipping the carrier with the other. I felt bad, but what was I to do? And once she's in, she is totally calm. Drama over. And, this time zero scratches for me!

And then we drive, which is not a big deal at all, to the groomer which is a 25 min drive from home (they are cat grooming specialists and I really like them).

When I pick her up she is very relieved.

When she gets home, she struts around the house like a model on a runway.


  1. She looks beautiful & happy! :) I have a similar experience with the cat carrier. LOL

  2. She looks gorgeous and proud. So, how many scratches do the groomers who specialize in cats have?

  3. Okay, so if I get you a plane ticket you will be able to convince Eraser that this too is in her best interest?

  4. my cat HATES the carrier. it scares him so much he PEES on the blanket. So i have to hold him, and get someone to drive me to the vet.


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