Sunday, October 12, 2008

February Lady Update

The February Lady for my dear friend is coming along quite nicely. The yarn, Jaeger Roma, is springy and soft and the color is a lovely sagey green/gray. I am debating about how long it needs to be (I took measurements, but now I am doubting them and will need to re-measure before I complete the body of the sweater.

I am going to start the sleeves next, and since they are done "in the round" I will have to go up a needle size (I knit more tightly in the round than I do side to side).

I am very happy with this sweater, the design is well written and I've been excited to see the lace pattern develop.

I took a shot of the the lace up close for you...I hope it is clear enough to see. It is so pretty and soft in person. I am amazed at how my skills have developed since my earliest projects!


  1. Very pretty! Love the green! I have to post the pics of the Helena I did - love, love, love that pattern.

    I nominated you for an I Love Your Blog award! Come visit my blog and see!

  2. That is turning out soooo pretty!!! :)

  3. oh... so soft and squishy looking! I bet it's going to feel wonderful to be all wrapped up in it!

  4. What a lovely sweater! The receiver is so lucky! I so want to make that. It has been in my queue for a while. You will have to tell me the pros and cons when you are done!


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