Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chicago Photos

I've been carrying the camera with me for a few days...and here are some of the photos I've taken.

The first one is on Devon Avenue, with the holiday candle of tinsel and whatnot. I wish I had been able to get the photo of the Happy Diwali sign on the side of one of the banks.

I love Devon Avenue. There are great Indian restaurants, Jewish Bakeries and MANY other ethnicities represented up that way. It is fantastic and exciting.

I enjoy the contrasts of language, dress, food, and other cultural definers.

The next picture is entitled :

There is no there there. My beloved Golden Nugget has a dreadful error in the grammar on their sign. The pumpkin pancakes were pretty good though.

I will admit that I bristle a bit every time I drive by (twice a day), and I'm reluctant to ask them to fix the sign. I'm just not sure how to do that without making someone feel badly about it.

That is all for now.


  1. Just smile with the knowledge that you know it is wrong....sometimes that is the best thing we can do....

  2. Oh grammer (grammar) mistakes like that make me crazy! But I love some pumpkin anything so I might let it slide. You could leave an annonomous note if it really bugs you. g

  3. I love seeing your photos! Thanks for sharing your city with me. I need to walk around Forest Hills/Rego Park and blog it.

  4. I LOVE grammar and syntax errors on signs! Always makes me wish I could fix it, but it's funny nonetheless.

    I really enjoy photos of your hometown!

  5. There not good spellers. :) Heh heh it bugs me too

  6. Your so right. Mistakes like that drive me crazy, two. Its' all to common nowadays, and their probably not even aware of it.

    That was fun! Sorry - couldn't help it! :)


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