Saturday, September 27, 2008

And I'm Out

This hat, my friends, is the weapon that killed me in Hat Attack 2. It came from Savannah, Georgia with a lovely note and two pralines.

This was a lot of fun. It came the same day I mailed my Green Bomber to Montana so how lucky was I that the post office took an extra couple of days with this one's delivery from Georgia?!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments and supportiveness! This pattern was a little challenging and it was - I think - the first time I really got gauge (both understood it and it happened). So proud of myself.

P.S. Next weekend is YarnCon. I missed it last year and want to go this year. Any Chicago takers?


  1. Oh, man! At least you got some pralines out of it...

  2. OH NO! Hate that you got killed in the Hat Attack!! But you got a very pretty hat there. :)

  3. YarnCon looks totally cool. And I'll be on a plane that day. :( Can't wait to hear about it...

  4. That's a great hat! I love those colors!!!


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