Sunday, June 29, 2008

Top Chef Fans...Please Help

My friends, my 5 readers...and anyone who might be able to help. I got this photo from msn videos because, you see, last week I watched the Reunion Episode of Top Chef (that will not be run again until July 5th) and thought Ted Allen might have been wearing a Franklin designed t-shirt.

Well, I emailed (actually I PM'd on Ravelry) Franklin thinking I was just congratulating him or something, but he didn't know so now...I am on a quest to find out if Ted's t-shirt was or wasn't a Franklin design.

BTW, Franklin's cartoons and photography are very creative. If you haven't seen them, check them out!

If you have the episode on your Tivo, or on tape...would you mind taking a pic of Ted in his t-shirt that will be easier to see? I really want to know. I'm a woman obsessed and Franklin probably thinks I'm a total nut (which I might be anyway, but nevermind).

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  1. Oh, MAN! I have to see if this episode is being re-run...


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