Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day

TapShoes at 4 weeks all decked in pink. She's such a mix of her mom and her dad. In this picture, I think she looks an awful lot like MY dad.

I have to admit that Father's Day is not my favorite day of the year anymore. In years past it reminded me of not having a dad anymore.

This year is different! I feel excited about the new babies...TapShoes, Birdie...and their dads. I have a few extra calls to make today to wish Happy Father's Dad to Fred and to Birdie's Papa. And of course to my step-father, who is GREAT!


  1. CUTIE!! Love the pic of little Tap Shoes!

    Sorry Father's Day is tough on you... but glad you're focusing on the cute little babies and that they're lifting your spirits. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing Tap Shoes with us. She is precious!

    I'm sorry that Father's Day is hard on you. It is hard fo rme this year too, but I will email you about that later....


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