Sunday, June 1, 2008

And She Knits

I have been having a TERRIBLE time getting going with projects lately. Just terrible.

Here are two projects that I am working on that actually have a goal in mind. I don't have anything else on the needles (except for the hibernating Secret of the Stole ii, Savannah).

This is a mistake rib pattern, 20 st cast on, gauge doesn't really matter, from Malabrigo Chunky in brown. This yarn is dreamy. I'm using #11 needles, but I'd use bigger if I had them with my Options set...maybe. i might need to order the three bigger sizes that don't come with the set "just in case."


And, the tomato. The color doesn't look like this, exactly. I think the lighting was odd in the kitchen today at 1 pm.

I have knit the neckline 3 times now, but I think I will go one more needle size down and it will be the way I want it. Right now it looks okay but I'd be happier if I did it over again.

I'm about to mid-waist. I'm going to make it mid-hip length with a hem rather than ribbing (I think). I'm improvising, bear with me.

As you can see I omitted the design that the pattern calls for across the bust line. I figured that this scoopy neckline was enough drama for this gal.

I like the yarn, but I do need to pay attention to my tension a lot because there's very little give (tis 100% cotton after all). It is Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton, color = tomato. Shocking, right?!

As soon as I finish one of these, I must cast on the Baby Dress from the Blue Sky Alpacas Trunk Show. I'm making the 18 month size for my new niece, Tap Shoes. I'll have to put some newer pics up of her...she's got a full head of hair! She's now 5 weeks old. Bubby and Auntie Teddy are visiting now with Teddy's girls (5 and 3). What fun!


  1. I love the tomato! It looks great! And I do have the 3 bigger Options needes and they were worth the additional purchase!

  2. the scarf found it's pattern. :) Funny how things do that. The Tomato is looking GREAT! Keep it up and you'll have a fabulous sweater in no time.

  3. Your tomato is coming out great! :) Can't wait to see it all finished. And I like the idea of a hem instead of ribbing at the bottom...

  4. Great work on the Tomato! I like it without the design element - I agree, the neck is more than enough drama over here. I don't need any more attention brought to the 'girls'. ;-)

    New pictures of TapShoes!!!

  5. Hey, have you been receiving the Knitting Daily e-mails about darts placement on the Tomato? I just got the latest update and thought of you!

  6. Love the Tomato! I have been thinking about putting it on the needles soon. You will have to tell me what changes you make and how you like it when you're done.


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