Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Post a Day in May

I simply cannot believe that I have made a post nearly every day in May thus far. I have to admit that writing in my blog has severely cut into my blog reading time and therefore I may not continue daily posts...but it is hard to tell.

May is one of my favorite months. In part because of my birthday, but also the glorious blooming that occurs on a nearly daily basis from the first week of the month.

My irises were mail order and last year did not bloom. I could not have hoped for a more gorgeous explosion of color and beauty!

I love the way the greenery of my neighbors' peonies serve as a backdrop for this shot.


  1. How beautiful!!! I love Irises, I killed quite a few when I moved here to the beach... which was amazing to me, I thought you couldn't kill the things! :) I have yet to find a spot in my yard where they really like it....

  2. I love that purple. I'm thinking my next project will be in the purple family. But to find that project...take care!


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