Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Caption Contest

Photo Caption Contest

In it for you...a nice yarn of my choosing from the stash that multiples without my help (yeah, yeah, I know I do contribute to its development).

Data that might be helpful: cat is a female, her name is Idgie. She has also been known to press the record button on our old answering machine and record herself "chatting." She's a feline communicator. LOL.


  1. post your funniest caption in the comments (winner gets yarn)
  2. Tell your friends (most referrals gets yarn)
ETA: Deadline for the contest is 5/15/08

Laugh laugh laugh!


  1. "You touch this phone, I scratch your face. I'm waiting for my Wildside Salmon rep to call."


  2. Hello, you have reached the Magnificent Idgie. The humans no longer live here. I have wrapped them up in sock yarn and rolled them out the door. Please leave me a message and I will get back to you whenever I deign appropriate.

  3. I is Idgie
    I haz ur fone.


    Come through with the tuna and you can have your phone back.

  4. Oh no you don't! That is the special Cat Line.

  5. I told you 'I AM NOT' answering your phone no matter what kind of treats you offer me!

    Always enjoy reading your blog!

  6. No one touches this phone until I get my own yarn stash to play with.

  7. Okay...here it goes:
    "No, my mom can't come to the phone, she's a little tangled up right now...Can I take a message?"

    Take care:)

  8. "Why. Won't. He call!"

    (Found you through wiknit.blogspot.com)

  9. Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV ?
    Dialing For Tuna is trying to find me.
    I wait for delivery each day until three,
    So oh Lord, won’t you buy me a color TV ?

    Sing it Sister Idgie!

    I am here via WiKnit: The Knitting Contest Blog and am posting on my desolate blog.

  10. I try to play hard to get but I always just pounce when he phones.

    I'm posting on my blog and maybe my few groupies will come on over and tell you that I sent them!

    I also found out from Wiknit

  11. Another solicitor, I swear! They think i have nothing better to do with my time? Like the yarn balls and food are just going to take care of themselves.....

    cute pic, glad gracie is doing well! I came over through wiknit and posted a link to you!

  12. "Hand over the Salmon treats & yarn or the phone gets it!"

    LOL... if I think of something better I'll post again. :)

  13. Phone guard duty IS hard work.

    Elaine from elaine-knitting sent me

  14. I can haz blakbury?

    I found ya through my rss reader!

  15. I was so sure he was going to ask me to the prom!

    I found your contest through elaine-knitting.blogspot.com

    Thanks for the laughs.

  16. I auditioned for the front of the New York Public Library and what do I get - I get to be a phone guard.

    elaine-knitting sent me here.

  17. "Don't you have some knitting to do? I'm waiting for a very important call about a fish here. Shoo. Shoo!"

    (Psst. I came here via Wiknit.)

  18. Saturday night, all dressed in my little black number, hoping for the phone to ring.

    I'm laughing at all of the captions (not as much as mine, of course)

    I also came over from elaine-knitting blog.

  19. "You will NOT be calling the vet to make that appointment for me!"

    Brit Knitter Dianne sent me. :)

  20. "Cat got your tongue? I didn't think so!"

    Cute kitty! :) (erinknitnotquit on Ravelry)

  21. thlinkI've got the phone, now, where'd I put that credit card?????
    Cat toys for all!!!!

  22. I have posted your contest on my blog, I found you from WiKnit BUT for the life of me I can't think of a caption right now so I will be back!

  23. elaine-knitting.blogspot.com sent me

    I wish they'd get a hand=free head set. I do hate holding the phone.

  24. Bottom line lady . . . you step away from my catnip, and I release your phone.

  25. Hi, got alerterd toyour contest through Yarndemon! here's my try:
    " Ohhh, what I would give to have opposable thumbs right about now..."

  26. forgot to mention I'm over here from KSee's blog

  27. Oh, I thought of another one....

    "Can you hear me now?"

  28. "You wouldn't be thinking of calling to get me a BATH, now would you?"

    Though personally, Jess p's entry is my favorite :)

  29. Oh this is fun, I found your blog from Wiknits. I'm OhAmy on Ravelry...here are 3 I came up with. Its all in the look:

    "Dont Even think about!"


    "Try it. Just Try it. I Dare you"


    "So What's it gonna be, Me or the Phone?"


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