Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Caption Contest (Reprise)

Good news on Gracie...her blog is the place for that.

So, I forgot to say that I'd take caption options until May 15th.

Please be sure to tell me how you heard of the contest (if you were referred from someone, so I can appropriately acknowledge them).

And...when you comment, please be sure to put an email in so I can respond to your comments (I love responding to comments).

Happy Wednesday.

Short post today, I have a presentation for work tonight and need to get ready...


  1. Glad Gracie's doing well. I'm racking my brain for a caption...stay tuned! Maybe it'll come to me!!! :)

  2. More treats! More treats! PLEEZE more treats!

  3. I came here from Wiknit and I would put as a caption: Look see I didnt take the skein of yummy yarn it wasnt me!!

  4. Another one from Witnit also.
    "Look, mom! Clean paws!"

  5. From Witnit....

    See momm, I washed my hands for dinner!

  6. I agree with cactusneedles....I love the news on Gracie but I am a at loss for a caption....

  7. "Those mittens will fit me! Try them on"


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