Friday, April 18, 2008

Knitting Has Happened and Traveled

Once a month on Thursdays, I have a meeting downtown across the street from "The Bean" sculpture in Grant Park. I've had this meeting for over a year now, and each month I say to my friend (who also attends this meeting), "I really need to bring my camera next month."

Guess what! I did it. And, I have some knitting to show. Ben's hat has taken a little 5 minute tourist excursion on the Cynical Knitting Gal Express...It got to pose near "The Bean" and look at daffodils.

Drum roll please....NO, scratch that. Too much drama. The hat is now blocking.

The Yarn is :

Garnstudio Fabel Superwash wool sockyarn. It is pretty but also masculine enough for a dude. Note to self: wash the swatch next time, this stuff expands a bit in the washing.

I used less than a ball for this hat and will, therefore, make another hat or something with the rest. Yay, I love it!!


  1. That's a funny idea--maybe I'll take my knitting on a little day trip with me for a photo op. I have a sock on the needles that's been nagging me to take it somewhere.

    I really like that yarn!


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