Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Flotsam and Jetsam on a Sunny Spring Day

Spring Cleaning time!

I've never really subscribed to this notion about Spring Cleaning but this year - for some reason - it dawned on me that it is actually a cool concept. There's something about the first daffodils that makes me want to clear my mind and open my heart from it's frozen hibernatory state.

Seems like my neighbors are doing this too...look what was in the trash. Those muddy cruddy boots tell a story, don't they? I really like the way they were so neatly placed atop the bin.

And there there is this lovely sofa - sorry folks, it's gone now. You missed out, really.

If it is any consolation, it is likely that other flotsam and jetsam will float to the edges of our alley as the warm weather becomes more likely than cold. The junk trucks seem to drive by every 10 minutes, so I'll keep an eye out for goodies worthy of blog time.


There's been knitting. During Law and Order last night, I was working on my Cubby Bear Bricks and Ivy hat (my own design). You will have to wait for a pic I need to write out the pattern and all of that. Patience is a virtue, sportsfans, a virtue I tell you.

And, I was incredibly moved by the scene between Jesse L. Martin (LOVE HIM) and S. Epatha Merkerson when they were saying goodbye. The emotion between the characters and the people was incredibly evident and powerful. Jesse L. Martin (who played Tom Collins in RENT on Broadway) is leaving the show to play Marvin Gaye in a film about his life. I will really miss him on Law and Order. but admittedly, the guy who is taking his place is great with comedic timing...and he's a knitter!!! The link is to Jimmy Beans Wool's cool.


I am working on my Alzheimer's Memory Walk Contest. Please see the side bar for the prizes! My goal is to raise $2,500 (or more). You will want to tell your friends about this important cause...stay tuned.


And I leave you with Dogs On Thursday (and a cat):

Aren't they sweet. Gracie is in her traditional Golden Coat, somewhat thinned by shedding season and medical issues but still gorgeous and precious. Oh yeah, that's "your bear" -- as in "Gracie, go get your bear...oh, look at you with your bear."


  1. I love the junk. Isn't it amazing what people throw out. I hope your spring cleaning is going well and Gracie looks very well. I am glad to see her looking so good. Oliver thinks she is a hot babe. he says to say hello for him!

  2. That is such an adorable photo!! They do look like little angels curled up there :)

  3. i think that you live in a much classier 'hood than i do! great junk...
    i didn't see all of law and order, but i did see the scene with epatha merkerson and jesse martin. it's always sad when a character leaves... maybe they can let the new guy knit on the show? i'd LOVE that!

  4. It's always so sweet when the dogs love their toys instead of ripping them to pieces like my boys tend to do.

  5. I love those boots! I most likely would have picked them up and carted them home so I could plant flowers in them! Wonderful pictures.

    Gracie looks good. I haven't been following her blog - I guess I should go check how she is doing.

    Have fun at the Harlot. My personal opinion (I won't be popular for this) - I've seen her twice in person - she's much funnier on the blog :) g

  6. Ella says 'Hi' to Gracie and sorry she hasn't been around much this week! It's getting warm here and she sleeps most of the day on the tile floor. Take care:)

  7. Love the junk pictures. We see the same odd stuff when it is time for heavy trash around here too. It's funny what people put out....

    The picture of the babies is too precious!

  8. What a sweet photo! I love when dogs and cats have their own stuffed animals, it just sends the cute factor soaring into the stratosphere.

    So, c'mon... you curl up next to her when she's laying there looking so cute like that, don't you? I know I would!


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