Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday & New Things

Miss Gracie is in the midst of another flare up of her IBD. It's hard, but at least we know what is going on this time. Please send her love and support, it seemed to help a lot the last time. The photo is Gracie with Idgie (our oldest kitty, but you would never know if you met her). Idgie will be 8 or 9 this year...I can't remember.

Yesterday morning, Idgie was circling Gracie and occasionally checking in with a head-but or a little sniff. It was as though she was doing some healing ritual. Unless, of course, our theory of the cats trying to kill the dog is true, she was doing another sort of ritual. I'm going with the hopeful optimistic thought. You will notice that under Gracie and Idgie is a rather furry, but new floor rug. I really like it.

Now, for happier news...

I got yarn. I think my mom is buying for me because I'll make smaller projects. But check it, people...

I give you Maizy from Crystal Palace in hot saucy color. With this interminable case of starteritis imbued with some guilt about having hibernated the SOTSii, I have an inclination to start some socks...

I made it to 3 inches on the tomato and then realized I'd neglected to place a marker and, therefore, had not been creating one of the sleeves. Frogging has become painless - I'm just not sure if that is a good thing. I'm feeling a little annoyed that I've been doing so much knitting with little to show for it. I even frogged the Sandy Scarf. Oh dear.

In reality, though, the process includes a lot of my own thinking and feeling type of processing so even though I don't have FO's (finished objects, for the muggles), I do have a stronger sense of me and my own personal power. Corny I know, but I just showed you Maizy and she's made from corn. Work with me people, work with me.

And South West Trading Company's Tofutsies in a fun colorway. I have some orange and some pink of this in the stash...I think it's time to start socks again.

Mom gave me this one too. Isn't she nice?! She even joined the Knit Picks Community. Granted, she is in love with the yarns at Knit Picks -- and the prices! I've requested some harmony/options needles for my birthday. But I'm sure I've mentioned that here before. It's become something of an obsession because Mom asked about my birthday two months in advance. She's very organized that way.

Here's what I got for myself yesterday...feeling very superstitious and hopeful that in doing so I might encourage the Cubs to win a game. I also wanted to state, for the record, that the Liberty Colorway from Lorna's is indeed different from Cubby Bear. The Cubs blue is more royal and the Liberty blue is more navy. There. Done. Go Cubs!!!

And did you hear about the new statue, with Ernie Banks? There was an unfortunate typo, which has now been repaired.

Before: Lets Play Two
After: Let's Play Two.

Even baseball fans and promoters need to mind their grammar. (Said the gal who has a BA in English.) That's all she wrote.


  1. Hope Gracie is doing better...Idgie keep up the "healing dance", I don't think she's trying anything devious.

    Beautiful yarns!

  2. Zosia & Jimmy Ray send woofs to Chicago!

  3. Healing vibes are speeding across the country to sweet Gracie!

  4. I'm sending lots of love and so many good thoughts Gracie's way. You're a good good dog, Gracie! Please feel better soon!

    Maizy is wonderful. I'm going to track some down for myself...

  5. Corn yarn? I am trying to reserve judgment until I see it. :)

  6. Lots of hugs & get well wishes to Gracie!!! And I'm sure that Idgie was sending healing vibes, they know when their other animals & people aren't feeling well. :)

    Love all your new yarn!!!

  7. Sorry to hear that she's feeling sick again. As you say, though, at least you know what is going on and can deal with it accordingly.

    Yay for that new yarn! I can't wait to see the socks you make with it. :)

  8. Hey, I've got a BA in English too! How funny! Good healing thoughts to Gracie from Ella. The Cubs did win! Yeah! And that yarn is great! Glad you're back on the sock track...take care:)

  9. Sorry Gracie isn't feeling well. I have Jack Russels so it always amazes me when I see a photo of someone's dog making nice with their cat. That could never happen at my house

  10. Hope Gracie is feeling better soon. We're sure Idgie is doing a healing dance for Gracie. Sending lots of get well wishes for Gracie!! love, Wilbur & Charlotte

  11. I think Gracie is telling Idgie where to find the car keys and the Petco card. Great pic - and love the flower pics in your next post as well :) Really gorgeous. Feel better, Gracie.

  12. Poor Gracie! I love the picture of her and Idgie, though. So cute!

    Love the yarn - especially the saucy colors. ;)

  13. Eraser, Sassy and Onyx are sending waves of good healing vibrations from Texas to Gracie!

    I LOVE Maizy yarn. It works up good and has great colors! I love the Hot Sauce colorway. How perfect for the swap!

    I also love the red, white and blue yarn. Could work for the Buffalo Bills and for my birthday.....I moght have to break down and get some.

    Congrats on the self confidence that the entire frogging and design development brings. It does have a certain empowering feeling!

  14. Oh I want some Cubs yarn!!! It looks amazing!! i can't wait to see what you knit with it!!

    I hope Gracie feels better soon!!

    I'm trying desperately to catch up with blogs. After a week of not checking them, it's crazy!!


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