Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dynamics Abound - slight knitting content & a poll

I work most Saturdays, my cats do not...Nor does Lehu (well, she does repair computers for family and friends on occasion). it is for this reason that the above photograph exists. I give you Exibit A in which two female cats whose interactions are generally limited to growls, snorts, hisses and the occasional tussle.

What? You ask. But they look so comfortable. Especially Ruthie who seems to be sleeping through the photo shoot. A sure sign of feline relaxation: a ball of cat purring away (and sometimes snoring too). Idgie is so cute, right? She has this look on her face like, "I'm cool with this, really."

Generally these two girls live in the world of turf war...the pink chair in front, the bed, Lehu's chair, Gracie's bed.'s another interesting development:

Now, Georgie and Gracie do get along. Georgie, on his first day here, was having nothing of the "sequester the new cat" plan. He went right up to Gracie and sniffed her nose and they've been fine ever since. But this, exhibit B, is truly unusal.

See, every night Georgie and Idgie, really, they do, they wait on or near Lehu's chair for her to sit down so they can curl up on her lap together. It's so cute. Ruthie usually sits in my lap. She's my girl. And Gracie generally lays on her rug or on the pink chair, which is now so icky we call it her chair.

Gracie does sometimes like to sit on Lehu's lap (or mine)...and the cats were unhappy with this. Idgie didn't stay long, but she tried to curl up on Lehu's lap with Georgie and Gracie. As youc an see, Georgie found a comfy spot.

Here's the slight knitting content:

SOTSii: I am about 2/3 finished with clue 3 now. Something has gone awry with one side. I am going to tink and repair I think, unless I just let it go...I am happy with it overall and it's actually starting to seem like something. It's over a foot long now!

The poll:

I have been thinking about hosting a Knitter's Hot Sauce swap. I am going to put a poll on the margin to assess it market research.


  1. So. Cute. I just want to hug them all, especially Gracie. My two cats still don't get along, but that's because Gypsy is a 12-year old curmudgeon and Tiger is a 10-month old psychopath...

  2. Don't you just love pet family dynamics!

  3. Hot Sauce? Like things done in reds and oranges and hot pink and olive? OHHH1 Spicy!Breno

  4. That is too cute!! About the swap..I may be Mexican but I don't really like hot sauce. heheh. :) But I wish you well. hehehe


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