Monday, March 17, 2008

Dear Sock Pal in MA

Dear Secret Sock Pal,

I love my package. What fun yarns, I can't wait to start thinking about what I might make with them...the Collinette Jitterbug has exciting reds and browns and pinks, the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Liberty is so fun!! I'm absolutely thrilled with the Knit Picks circular #3 and the book about making socks on one circ...I'm game, for sure.

I've never tried MeiMei dpns so that will be great. The KnitScene with patterns for plus sized sweaters is a keeper for sure.

And...sock socks fit perfectly. I love the colors and the knitting is so professional!

But, I don't know who you are so I wanted to thank you here and on my blog too.

Thank you so much,

Not-so Cynical Gal
AJ (too)


  1. Those socks are ADORABLE. I just got my Longing for Spring swap goodness, and my partner ROCKS. I'm off to chug NyQuil and have some M&M peanuts as a chaser...

    How freaking cool is it that Yaz is coming back!?!?!?

  2. Nice package!! You're a lucky gal!

  3. ooh, the swap world is small. i think your spoiler is Cheryl, who i spoiled in PRGE round #3. check this out:

  4. What a nice package--all those goodies! The socks are lovely, too!

  5. What an amazing package! I love the socks, and it looks like Gracie does as well!

  6. Looks like a great sock package. I noticed you mentioned a plus size sweater pattern. I found two great plus size books and wrote about them on March 2 on my blog if you're interested. I really liked them.


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