Sunday, January 13, 2008

Visits to the Emergency Vet with Gracie

No, really. Gracie. Seems that Georgie is stabilized (so far so good) on his new medications and we have seen no seizures since. We thought we might be in the clear...

Gracie has something wrong. She has been drinking a lot of water and voiding (peeing) a lot. Poor baby. It's only been a couple of days, but accidents in the house are really out of character for her so Lehu and I decided that we needed to take her to the Emergency Vet.

I got there around 11:15 this morning, and I got home around 2:15. The took blood, x-rays (digital, pretty cool). The don't know what is wrong. It isn't straightforward. There was talk of a heart problem, a tumor, liver or kidney problems, not that the vet was mean or anything. Just trying to be thorough. The cost for today was a $300 deposit toward the estimate of $900-1500. They are keeping her overnight to do an EKG, give her fluids and get a urine sample. Her electrolytes and proteins are out of whack, and the red blood cell count is high. My baby is sick.

When I was in the waiting area awaiting my estimate, I was doing breathing exercises to try and stop my crying. But a well-meaning woman was asking me all kinds of questions, "is your dog going to be okay, what's wrong with her..." and I just tried not to cry out loud in the long wail that was knotted up in my chest. I was proud of myself when I said, "thank you for your concern, but I really don't want to talk right now." She was sweet, "it's so hard, I'm so sorry."

I am considering selling some stash for the purpose of raising money toward vet bills. Take a look on Ravelry if you are interested in checking out my stash. My ID is CynicalKnitter. I will have to put my fabric stash up too, I think. I have a lot of Fat Quarters of cool fabrics, but Gracie is much more important to me than this stuff.

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.

Edited to add: at 5:20, I called for an update. The vet said that she is stable, and "looks good from the outside but has a lot going on on the inside." She has ascites, abnormal build up of fluid, in her abdomen. They have run a number of tests and worked to get her stable. Her proteins are low, tomorrow we will have to get her to our regular vet to start the next steps of diagnosis: an ultrasound of her liver. Thanks for the kind comments and all of your support!


  1. Oh nooo I'm so so sorry. I can't even imagine how worried you must be. My only advice to you is to try to keep yourself occupied as best you can as long as you're just waiting.

  2. *hugs* You are in my thoughts and in my heart (and so is Lehu and Gracie)

  3. Oh no! Hugs to Gracie and all of you.

  4. Nooo! Oh dear. I am sending good thoughts to all of you and hoping that Gracie gets well soon!!

  5. so sorry,sending Hugs & best wishes to you & Gracie & family!!

  6. i hope that everything turns out just fine... poor baby - poor mama!

  7. I'm really sorry to hear about Gracie...I'm thinking of all of you!

  8. Oh, that's so rough--I'm sorry to hear it. I'll be thinking of you and Gracie and sending good thought your way.

  9. Poor Gracie. Poor you. I know exactly what you are going through, and it sucks. I'm sending healing vibes your way.


  10. I am so sorry tho hear this. I know that both of you must be so upset about Gracie. I know exactly how you feel and if you need me, just call. Sending positive healing thoughts for all of you.

  11. Ella is sending her good doggie thoughts to Gracie.


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