Sunday, January 6, 2008

Renovations of the Blog for 2008

As you will note, I have changed my look a bit. I am in the process of updating and cleaning up all my links. HTML alludes me at times... so forgive the funky looks that you might notice along the margins.

Short post today, I'm with one of those fancy colds that have been going around. I have succumbed to it and now I'm just resting and pushing fluids.

Georgie is doing fine. They don't know what is wrong with the little guy, but we now take two different meds twice per day. I'm glad he's so cooperative with pills. Seriously. I should ask Lehu to help us make a video so you can see how amazing this kitty is, in the pill-taking arena. There have been no seizures going on two days now. We have an as needed during a seizure medication too so we are set. Thanks for all your good thoughts.


  1. Yay! I wanted to ask about Georgie but was afraid it was bad news. Glad he's doing a little better or at least no worse. And I am enjoying the cold here, too- spent my halfday off Friday and all weekend flopping around from nap to nap.

  2. I'm glad Georgie doesn't put up a fight over taking meds. Such a good boy! Healing vibes are continuing your way.

  3. I hope you and Georgie feel better soon!

  4. Good health vibes still generated in Georgie's way. I wish he would have a chat with Sassy about pill taking. My hands are getting to look like I am a farm hand....not good with painted nails.

    I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. Rest, more rest, and chicken noodle soup.

    I love the new look so far. You might have to "help" me....


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