Saturday, January 19, 2008

Gracie's Mom Has Been Knitting

I have started the swatch for the fourth time on the Secret of the Stole ii KAL. I have learned a couple of things:

1. Lace weight yarn is NOT fun to frog. Solution: count twice knit once, also known as PAY ATTENTION and relax.
2. I purl too tightly in relation to my knitting (I've also found a remedy for this problem in ... PAYING ATTENTION, imagine that).

3. I really like lace knitting because it slows my thoughts into a zen-like state.

And when I can't count any more, I have been working on my Sonnet. I've accomplished a lot on this one this week. It really is an easy pattern and requires little or no thought or attention. A blessing at times, don't you know.I'm using Plymouth Yarn's Encore Worsted Weight Colorspun in 7118 colorway. I will photograph it in the sunlight tomorrow (or sometime) -- it's nice looking. The plan is that this sweater is for me, and I will wear it often. I have made alterations to the pattern, slightly, because I got a little bored and needed an extra strip of box stitch. The button band/front will also be a place that I alter the pattern, I think.


  1. OOooh I love that colorway! Busy hands really are good for worried minds, I'm glad you had this to work on. You are talented!

  2. It looks great. I'm with CS, I love the colorway too!

  3. hey there
    i have ripped the SOTSii 3 times now!!!
    now what you meant about ripping laceweight !!
    good luck with the stole

  4. The sweater is coming along nicely! Great color, too.

    I feel your pain with the whole ripping out of the laceweight yarn. It's such a complete pain. Ugh.


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