Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Gracie's Golden Blogger Award Presentation

I've won the above award from Natalie and in return, I've decided to honor my Golden Girl, Gracie, and several of you with the following award:

And the first winners are:

Natalie, for being supportive and just plain wonderful. She's a golden ray of sunshine from the Sunshine State.

Lisa, for being my very first blog reader and for being a kindred spirit. She is pure gold.

Sarah, for setting the gold standard for friendship. She's one in a million.

Katie, for winning my very first contest! Go for the gold, girl!

Lauren, for being a dog lover with a heart of gold.

Robin for braving the steeking process for the first time! Gold stars to you for being a fearless knitter!

Cactusneedles who has SUCH a cute dog, Ella, who has been sending good woofs to Miss Gracie. Doggie friendships on the Internet are golden, for sure.

I also want to extend this award to EVERYONE who commented during the time that Gracie was in the hospital. Your support really makes a different.

...And there are many more of you out there... If you are reading, consider yourself a Golden Blogger and feel free to take the award to adorn your blog with our pretty girl, Gracie. (Please be sure to copy the image to your own server first).

Also, if you are interested in greater detail of Gracie's condition, please feel free to visit her blog.


  1. Thank you for the sweet comments! I consider you a sister more than a friend, but they could be the same thing. Thanks for posting Gracie's blog. I will follow along and rest assured she is in our thoughts and prayers.

  2. Hey! It has been a while since I have checked your blog... I was sad to see all of the bad news about Gracie! I am sorry that she was going through all of that, but I was glad to read that the reports came back cancer free! Hope that everthing else is going ok for you.

  3. Oh hooray! I'm so touched by your (or Gracie's!) award, and that you're able to think at all of other people right now. Just keep on truckin, and keep loving your girl!

  4. I love Gracie's award and will proudly post it on my blog! Thank you so much!

  5. Aw, thanks!! Ella sends her love to Gracie!!

  6. i feel so honoured! thank you!!! and i'm in such good company, too. : )

  7. Thank you very much. You are so sweet. I'm glad you passed along the's always fun to get one but it's nice to give them too. :) Thanks. Hope you and Gracie are having a great weekend!! We went to the dog park today even though it was raining but Abby had a BLAST chasing the ball. :)

  8. Oh WOW...Thank you!!! I'm quite honored, if you only could have seen me while trying to cut those steeks! (sorry, I'm just getting around to all my blog reading)


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