Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cautious Optimism

The report from the vet today was that Gracie had solid food. Prescription food. They have been giving her some kind of digestive enzymes and she is feeling better.

Still no pathology reports, but they will know tomorrow by 10:30 am whether she's coming home! I plan to take the afternoon to go up and 1) visit or (preferably) 2) take her HOME!

They are thinking this is a chronic condition treatable with prescription food and supplements.

I am so grateful for all of your kind words and prayers and thoughts. We have certainly needed and welcomed them.

On a much less stressful note...

I got a package in the mail today from Lisa -- I won a contest on her blog and I can NOT believe the generous and FUN stuff she sent me.

Lovely lime green cascade 220.
Two Annie Modesitt (LOVE HER) flip books
A Knitting CALENDAR!!!
a book about Texas (but of course)
hand soap that smells very nice
vanilla sugar body wash (ooh ahh)

Thanks, Lisa. Your timing for cheering me up was impeccable.


  1. I was SO glad to read your post. Is it maybe that Gracie is allergic to the flavor or color in her food? I knew of a Greyhound some years ago whose people cooked up big batches of lamb and brown rice stew. Tasty stuff with some salt and pepper. Best wishes for Gracie and you both.


  2. Wonderful news! I'm so glad that a change in diet may be the total answer! Please keep us posted!

    PS - Glad you liked the Stuff....

  3. I'm so glad Gracie is doing better. I hope you will be able to bring your little girl home today. Give her big sloppy wet kisses from my Emma and Tara, and me, too!

  4. Terrific news - I hope you can take Gracie home today and that the diet's the trick!

    That package from Lisa looks amazing - the Warm Vanilla Sugar in particular. Mmmm . . .

  5. glad to hear that there is some optimistic news. fingers crossed that everything can be managed with a change in food and some enzymes.
    oh - great package! mrs. claus put that calendar in my christmas stocking this year...

  6. Oooh enjoy your booty! What a nice surprise. Good luck with Gracie.

  7. Reading about Gracie brought tears to my eyes. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you are getting more good news and get to bring her home.


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