Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sing-Along Sound of Music with Lehu & a Knit update

Same Yarn Different Cat

I'll start with the knit update...

You have, by now, read about Chicago Sarah and CKG's visit to Loopy Yarns yesterday. A visit that has inspired me to spend more time with my friends on the weekends. Yesterday felt very satisfying after a little work and a little socializing and knitting-related shopping. Note to self, this needs to be on the New Year's Goals list. Shoot, that's coming up, I should also probably put stop procrastinating on there too, but I think I'll wait. Maybe tomorrow.

I know, that was a tired joke. But, I'm tired. Forgive me.

I have frogged this scarf WAAAY more than 4 times. I have actually lost count, but now I think I'll keep on with what I'm doing. I did two repeats of moss stitch and now I'm going to do the whole thing in a K1P1 rib with a mirror image of the moss stitch beginnings. A scarf must be grounded, even if I am not, right?

You will notice that Georgie decided he needed to pose with the WIP. You may also notice that the scarf matches him. What a cute boy who is NOT going to get a scarf. A toy, perhaps, from the leftovers (if there is any).

Sing Along Sound of Music at Chez Lehu/CKG

This year was Georgie's first viewing - with us - of the annually televised Sound of Music. It does not seem to matter that we own the video, we watch it on TV anyway. It is partially due to the multiple runs of the film on regular (and now cable) TV that we have never removed the plastic overwrap.

Now, I might ruin the story for you if you have never seen this classic film, so consider yourself warned.

The scene when they are at the Abbey and the Nazis are after the Von Trappe Family Singers... including that Rolf character who toyed with Liesl's emotions ... admittedly, this is a tense scene. Lehu, always the comic, looked right at George and says, "It doesn't matter how many times I see this movie, Georgie, I always get a little nervous during this scene. I just don't know what is going to happen."

Then she looks at me, I am giggling, and she says, "well, with the extended scenes and all the promised enhancements to DVDs these days, I don't know how the movie will end, do you?"

I continue to giggle. I hope you do too.


  1. I like your kitty too! :) It seems to me that I should check out that link you have to the crazy cat knitting people.... I'm definitely crazy, have too many cats, and knit. :)

  2. Still giggling too. Georgie looks great with the scarf and should get a toy with any left overs. Seems totally fair!

    And yes, the scarf should be grounded, even if you aren't. Hopefully the new year will bring us all a bit more focus.....

  3. You are such a goof- you and Lehu are well matched. :) I like the scarf, very very much. Keep up the good work!


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