Saturday, December 29, 2007

Cynical Gal Goes Shopping

For yarn, of course. Loopy Yarns sent me an email saying that selected yarns were 20% off. So, I emailed Chicago Sarah, and off we went to check it out. We found a spot on the street across the street from the shop, how excited were we? There was a white truck that pulled forward and blocked our "walk" signal and slowed our progress from our rock star parking spot to the front door of the store. It might have helped if I had zipped up my was C O L D.

I've been coveting Malabrigo, since Femiknitter wrote about her newly completed scarf from a lovely ivory shade of Malabrigo softness. So, Malabrigo was a priority for me. I will be making a scarf for ... me! Hooray! I got a maroony kettle dyed chunky. LOVE.IT!! The photo does not do justice to the gorgeousity of the yarn. You will just have to trust me, I'm impressed enough to make up a word to describe it. Be wowed, people.

But wait, there's more...I just learned (on Christmas Day) that Little Brother (to be named soon) and his wife (also in need of a name) and the baby (and another needed blog name), will be moving from a warm climate to a more variable climate next summer. You know what this means? ...wait for it... Yes! They need scarves and hats and mittens oh my! And, in truly dedicated form, I found some yarn that reminded me of my Dad (and also of my brother). It is the cake that Idgie is examining in the photos. I even got a closer up pic for your voyeuristic pleasure...

I am making a scarf for Little Brother ... likely will do a cable or something. This stuff knits up quick, and in true Cynical Gal style, I have now started and frogged thrice. Fourth time is the charm. I do my best design work whilst knitting and frogging. I know this to be my process and I accept it. It is a style that does not work as well with laceweight yarn with a little tooth to it...

I found that out last night when I started trying to swatch for the Secret of the Stole ii. My foray in to the lace world last night was less than satisfactory, I hand-balled one hank of the yarn and by the end there was such a bird's nest of lovely merino that I just gave up and cut it. I will not wind the next hanks by hand.

Needless to say, I am probably going to be in the market for a swift and a ball-maker. I am hoping that it can wait until my birthday (in May, hmmm).


  1. I am in awe! You must keep me posted on the yarn with the newly formed word. I too have been lured by it since the same post, so you will be the straw that breaks the back....No pressure.

    I can't wait to see the scarf pictures. The fourth time is sometime my charm as well....

    Troll around ebay for a ball winder. The swift might be another issue....

  2. Post pictures if you have some! I have about 1.25 inches on J's new hat.

  3. Malabrigo is yummy. I covet some, but will stay true to my stash diet!


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