Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Improvised Hat in Blue # 2

Hats. Love them! I'm really excited about my newly acquired knitting books...they have inspired this fantabulously fun hat for one of Lehu's (and therefore my) nieces.

I finished another one on Sunday for a coworker. I'm just cranking them out.

I have to make another scarf for a coworker who doesn't do hats. I'm considering the idea of doubling the yarn so as to make it knit up faster. We'll see. I'm in a very improvisational space with knitting lately, so I'll go digging through the stash and come up with some combo that will be comfy and at least reasonably stylish.

I am almost finished with the Tahki New Tweed. I ordered about 4 balls too many. I love this yarn, I do, but I am ready to move on.

I have to make probably two more scarves and a hat or two before Christmas...I feel confident. I also feel a little crazy but nevermind. I got a new winter coat (one that actually fits and looks nice), it is black wool and therefore wildly versatile in the way of scarf/hat/mitten accessories. Yay!!!

So, my SITMT Pal socks have been started and frogged about four times now. I am hopeful, but a little worried...at least I have until March to finish them. I know I just have to get on a roll. The first pattern I tried was way to busy for the yarn I am using which has quite the self-patterning gig going on.


  1. Ooooh my. Lovely! I think I'm feeling another hat coming on here...

  2. Awesome! You need to consider publishing the patterns.

    I am about to make a hat for a ten year old that has a rare form of cancer. I hope to have it done before the end of the month. He has been going to Chemo for a few weeks and his hair is just starting to thin.

    I hear you on the frogging of the SITMT socks. I am having the same issue. Maybe we should compare patterns....

  3. I've definitely been feeling the hat love, too. I love that blue you used.

    Good luck on all the holiday knitting--you're much more ambitious that I!

  4. Lovely lovely lovely. And a black coat? I see such fun coming! I have fun with my red coat- you've got so many more possibilities...

    I'm off the yarn wagon, fyi. And off the fabric wagon. But it feels good. Now that I'm not moving. ;)


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