Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dubious Honor

My good friend and co-crafter, Sarah, mentioned in her comment that I was late to Knitting Group on Sunday. I can't believe I forgot to mention that in my write-up.

It went like this:

At 3:15 I got ready to leave the house. At 3:20 I was in the car, started, about to pull out of the garage (I was actually planning to be on time, which is more or less my usual MO) to go to the el stop and pick up my mom to head to Sarah's for group. My cell phone rang with the digital version of one of my favorite tunes by Salt n' Pepa. (Yes, really.)

In the caller ID it said I C E 2, (In Case of Emergency 2) also known as Mom's Cell.

"Hi honey, there are no blue line trains running past Clark and Lake today."

"Uh, hmm. Okay. I'll just come and get you then." After I hung up I thought better of that, I tried calling her twice to suggest that she take a different train north and we could meet in the middle.

Ring ring ring...voice mail.

Ring ring ring...voice mail.

I was already 1/4 of the way downtown at that point. So I surrendered to the situation and called my sister in California.

"Hey, how are ya?"

"Okay, what's up."

"Just going downtown to get mom for Knitting Group"

Snickering, "Oh."

"Why is that funny?"

"I just think groups of people who all do the same thing is funny...besides the knitters were really mean to me in high school."

"Oh, did they drop you and leave you in stitches?"

"That's the worst thing you have said in a long time."

"Oh, I guess I was channelling Dad."

I got downtown and circled once or twice because for whatever reason Clark Street decided to allude me on Sunday. Then, oh, there it was. I called my mom and she actually answered the dang phone. She was sitting on the sidewalk at Clark and Lake.

We then set out for Lake Shore Drive.

I always get turned around downtown (or so I thought), so I doubt myself. "Which way am I going right now?"

"South," my mom said emphatically.


"Do you want to go to the highway or to Lake Shore Drive?"

"Doesn't really matter."

"You can't go left here."

I knew this, besides there were two signs indicating same. I turned at Illinois and was clearly heading east. I was correct in thinking I was heading north, not south. Why do I doubt myself? No time for this line of thinking. Needed to get to group.

On Lake Shore Drive all was okay, a little slow, but okay. But we were already late when I left to go downtown to get my mom.

Once we got to Sheridan closer to our destination, I called and informed our hostess that I would be there, just (obviously) very late. Guess it was my turn to play tardy knitter. I think that Sarah kind of liked having someone else in that role (hee hee)...It is a dubious honor.

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  1. Oh yeah. Let's be VERY clear- I am chronically late, horribly late, usually late. One of my girlfriends organized a group dinner at Mon Ami Gabi and told us it was 30 minutes earlier than it really was...so when we showed up only 15 minutes late (and 15 minutes earlier than everyone else except the organizer) she was really surprised. You should have seen me, CKG, running around convinced you and Mandy would get there early and find me with the food not out, or the trash bag piled in the kitchen... :)

    I heart CKG. Not only because she was late once. But because...you rock!


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