Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dollhouse Studio

Straying away from knitting and knitterly pursuits to revisit the miniature life. Last we checked with pictured project, little has changed in the progress of the house itself.

However, progress can also be measured in access to the project and necessary supplies. I have moved both parts of the house to our newly cleaned out basement. They are both on tables on high so as to avoid any potential water damage should a deluge join our midst in the future.

I found all of the roof shingles I thought I'd lost so I am utterly thrilled and plan next week to spend some time down there listening to my groovy little MP3 player (or a book on tape, hmm) and finishing the darn thing. The little girl it is for is my God daughter in Pennsylvania (she was here for the first year of her life), and I am going to name it the way Mandy's dollhouse was named, with the birthday as the numbers and her name as the street name. I really like that.

The picture shows the main part of the house and - ambitious as I am on my first dollhouse - there is an "addition" to this house which I will have to attach. I can't follow instructions, I always get a little bored and need to improvise (read: add project to project and create more project).


  1. Wow, it looks lovely so far. I made one for Trouble when she was younger. I wonder what ever happened to it....Do keep us posted with the progress (before it gets gifted)....

  2. Wow. Did I know about this? I used to love miniature stuff when I was kid...thanks for sharing!


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