Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday Wacky-ness

I am a woman obsessed. I think that the people who know me know this about me. And - well - I am not ashamed of this. It is a mere fact about me.

I am working on my Blue Tomato and I'm really curious about how it will turn out, so I have been staying up WAAAAY too late knitting and watching silly tv shows. Right now I am putting a looong piece of "scrap" yarn into the bottom loops so I can try it on...I have some real concerns about the way that the gauge lied to me and therefore making the scoop neck look like it's going to be a little more scoopy than I would prefer. I'll let you know.

Ho-ly Cow. Let me tell you that my stitch length does not fit the gauge but the width does. I will now rip out and re work this pattern. I think I will now need to call it my Blueberry Sweater. It may resemble that tomato (which I still want to make with the recommended yarn next time), but methinks it will not be quite the same.

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  1. Me thinks that blue berry vs tomato is funny, as they are both short squatty fruits....

    I understand about the low scoop. I want to make it too, but not until I rework the scoop and add some fitting so it looks better on my body type....

    I can't wait to see it....


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