Saturday, July 21, 2007

Rocking Out for Jesus

This morning, I got to my office at 9:50 for my 10:00 client. It was enough time to get settled and get working. Then, since 11 canceled, I had an hour between 11 and 12 -- guess what I did? No, I didn't do work. I worked on my Blue Tweed Tomato (BTT). I've started the third ball of yarn now. I love this yarn. Photos later.

When my noon client came in she told me that the streets were blocked on the way over and there was a Christian Rock band set up and performing in the middle of the street a few blocks away. They were rocking out for Jesus. And well they should, right?

Well, as they rocked I knit. I like it that way.


  1. I can almost guarantee that Jesus appreciates both knitting AND rock music...

  2. This really isn't related to your blog post but I wanted to let you know that my pups wanted to be pup pals with Gracie. :) She's a cutie. :) I just started reading your blog. I also just started my own knitting blog because I just started knitting after stalking knitting blogs for a while. :) Thanks


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