Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Please Note the Cinder Blocks

Saturday morning at approximately 2 there was screeching ... it sounded like it was coming from one of the return vents. It sounded like something alive was trapped in there. It was hard to sleep. We had to go around and take an inventory of the Urban Zoo. Gracie? Woof. Georgie Mew, Idgie Mew and Ruthie Rrrreow. All here. No one stuck in the duct system.

DP was on the case. In the morning after waking up and sleeping she figured out that it must be the furnace fan (that was for the A/C). D-A-R-N!!! (And I don't mean the sewing king of darn.) We knew that the 35 year old monster would kick off at some point; just didn't know when. Well, it took a flood and sewage to bungle up that bad boy. Well, we decided that instead of paying $300 to fix the motor on the fan we would just bite the bullet and get the new furnace.

It is ti-ny compared to it's predecessor. It is even on 6-7" cinderblocks and has extra flashing and whatnot to connect it to the existing duct work.

What we learned:

1. What's a grand when you just paid four grand to clean out the joint?
2. Repair and Installation people make assumptions about our relationship. Now, I'm used to the "you two are sisters..." nonsense, but...get this one...

DP went down to the basement to take a look at the thing while Repairman was here. He asked her, "is your daughter going to be here after you leave for work?" Guess who the daughter is?! Guess how old DP would have been when I was born? 6. A 6 year old mother.

She didn't correct him. I think she might have been too stunned.

It gave me the giggles.

3. Now that the new machine is in there...the A/C is working better than ever! Phew. It is done. We don't have to wonder when the furnace will die (well, not exactly as much as before).

Must go sleep.

P.S. Thumb is nearly done on mitten number one. Chicago Sarah and I are going to have a baby gift making get-together this weekend to finish what we have spoken of for many months now.


  1. OMG - Laughing so hard at work that everyone looked. I just love it when repair/installation people are SOOOOO stupid.

    We get that all the time too. "It's so nice that you can be here for your friend when she's at work" or "Do you need to get your husband on the phone?"

    "No, she's right here. What do you need to explain?"

    Glad that you have working heat and air again! We ahve a call out to the repairman for our AC....the house was 83 degrees when I got up at 6:00 AM CST....yuk!

  2. At least you got to be the daughter in the equation! I think I'd feel very flattered... :)

  3. All I could think of was the song from "White Christmas"

    "Sisters, sisters,
    Never were there more devoted sisters..."

    Glad the AC is functioning - sounds like another hot weekend coming up.

  4. Flattered, indeed! That's what DP told me too. I think it's just hilarious either way.


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