Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mani-Pedi on a Saturday Afternoon

Sweltering, sultry, is HOT in Chicago this weekend.

Saturday afternoon, my friend S (yes, another S) and I went for Mani-Pedi at a nice place in Lincoln Park. It's called Spacio Spa, check it out! It is a smallish place but the women at the front desk are so nice, even asked me what I was knitting and was impressed with the four needles going at once thing. I told her it was fun, she would love it. She told me she just taught herself how to knit. We want to encourage new knitters, right?!

I'm working on mittens to go with my Irish Hiking Scarf. These will all go, as a set, to a coworker and I'm excited because she is so thrilled with the prospect of hand-made items. Such a joy to give to appreciative recipients.

My friend S, a very sweet woman, asked me yesterday if I ever make anything for myself. She's right. I don't. Most things I make for other people. I think that this is a trait among many knitters. The joy from appreciative recipients is so wonderful...but again, she is right. It is high time I make something for myself. The question is, what? What shall I make for myself. I was thinking about the tomato sweater from Knitting Daily but I want to make it with a different fair isle design with the contrasting color. I love the scoopy neckline! The yarn is so pricey, but I'm worth it, right? (She says as she grinds her teeth, trying desperately to believe it.) Yesterday I told my friend that I wanted to wait until I was at a size I felt more comfortable with, but then, why? Why can't I just feel comfortable now?

That's what I'm thinking today. I might stop at a yarn shop and ask to at least touch the recommended yarn...


  1. You could make something in feltable style- wear it now, shrink it with you as you go! :) You look SO good right now, I want to encourage you to make something to reward yourself. Or, if you're going to be like me, just buy the yarn and look at it a lot... Or, what's-it-called, the one where you cut the knitting and sew seams- then you could cut it down as you shrink!

  2. I agree with C.S. on this one. You should get the yarn for the Tomatoe sweater in the size you want. i just made a sweater with that same yarn and I LOVE it. Reward yourself! You will ahve time to design your own chart and be ready in the size you want when you get there!

    And I'm glad that you are encouraging the newbies too!

  3. You guys are right!

    I ordered some tweedy stuff and it should be here Friday!

  4. I thought that you would be happy to know that Denise has decided that we should buy a digital camera this weekend...A blog will be soon to follow, I imagine...I'll keep you posted! Oh, and I do want to see this amazing tweedy yarn in person!


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