Thursday, July 5, 2007

Not any longer UFOs

I do think that just joining the UFO KAL was the impetus for me to finish some of the projects I've been not doing for whatever reason.

The biggie is still the stripey will be done.


Here are some of the items this weekend and holiday brought out of UFO-dom. All have been blocked and are ready for the giving!

The pink hat is for Birdie's Papa. I gave in and put it on the blog. I'm mailing it tomorrow so I think it's okay. It is actually from a Lion Brand Acrylic which is really soft, but has many plys which need attention as you knit. Kind of annoying, but the end result was worth it. I did it on dpns which was totally fun.

The purple with speckly stripes is for Birdie's cousin. She requested a hat and I hope it isn't too big for her. The purple is a heavy weight acrylic from my mom's stashed to me stash (I'm still plugging through it)...I bought the speckly stuff, it is PJ's by K1Ctoo which I really liked. It's like little strips of lightweight flannel. Machine washable to boot.

The Irish Hiking Scarf is done. I ran out of yarn so I added a "design element" from my mom's stmstash. See photo for the label. It isn't English. I washed it and it actually got softer, which is nice. The plain grey is Lion Wool-Ease. I am really eager to make something with Debbie Bliss or Cascade...but my goal is to work through mom's stmstash first.

And, a posting isn't complete without a cute one of Gracie...working hard to get the peanut butter from the middle of that bone!

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  1. Congrats on the UFO's turning into FO's.

    Glad you joined the KAL too!


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