Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fourth of July

A very nice, but humid day here in Chicagoland, Midwestern US of A.

Every year, this realtor puts out US Flags (little plastic, weather proof ones) in front of all the houses in our neighborhood. I'll admit, it does look kind of cool to look down the block and seeing all of them lined up just so. Well, I got home from work yesterday and DP told me that our new neighbor went down the block and picked up all of them, with no explanation. Very odd.

We went to see DP's mom. My knitting kept me occupied throughout the drive, the visit and the drive home. I am nearly finished with the Irish Hiking Scarf, though I think it would be better if I had more yarn to make it longer. The recipient of the scarf expressed interest in mittens I'll be making those from some other color I suppose.

I removed the stitch markers after about three completed cables and it is quite a lot of fun...even keeping track of the rows is a cinch by now. I am eyeballing it rather than counting which works much better for me.

Be well!

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