Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Madness

Did you know that in the aftereffects of this full moon, I have gone completely bonkers? Now, I have no idea if it has more to do with hormonal fluxes or phases of the moon or what...but I've been feeling crazed. Absolutely crazed.

I spent 60 minutes at the gym today, 20 minutes on the bike, 20 on the stepper. The ellipticals were in use THE WHOLE TIME! I am working up to 20 minutes on the elliptical. Hint: NOT watching the numbers on the screen about the steps taken, calories burned, time left...makes the time go less excruciatingly. It also helped a lot to listen to music on my little MP3 player. Good stuff.

I did a lot of knitting this weekend. Friday night at the Sky game, Saturday after working and before going out to see a very good show at the Live Bait Theatre in Chicago, Sunday after sleeping until 10 am. I love Sundays.

Sunday I also made a movie on my computer called "Innocent Cats on Crack" which I will figure out how to share with you without getting into trouble with copyrights since I used excerpts from songs such as "Smoke on the Water," "Get The Party Started," "Fight for your Right to Party." I'm serious. Some of the photos are for preview purposes.

On Sunday after making aforementioned film, Lehu (previously known as DP) and I went to Chicago Soccer to get some cleats for me. I got some very comfy and swanky Pumas. They are very lightweight and even got to go for a test run in the backyard for soccer with Gracie.

The blueberry might be a lemon, but I'm going to go forth and conquer. Say some knitty prayers for this first-time making something for herself knitter.


  1. YOU INSPIRE ME. seriously, you ROCK!!!!!!! I can't wait to see the video (I'm cool with not notifying people about copyright infringement, just show it!) and wow...I wish I'd done 60 minutes at the gym today. WWCKGD is my new motto (what would cynical knitting gal do) :)

  2. A movie about cats AND crack? I so need to see that one...

  3. Can't wait to see the cat video.

    I love the "lemon" blue tomato on near the PC. I love computers and related stuff.

    Don't feel alone with the aftermath of the full moon. It always does that to me.

    Keep up that good work at the gym! Can't wait to see soccer pics!

    Wifey is excited. The Comets' last home game is against the SKY and she loves to watch Ms. Dales.....


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