Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Process not Fun

The photo is of the downpour we got today, which set me into a minor panic attack about flooding, hah! Irrational thoughts don't make sense, by definition.

I have been worried sick that DP would be upset about the stuff we are losing in the basement. Tonight she tells me, "this has happened so many times before that I don't really care."

I know, I know, I should just take care of my own feelings and not's a process. It is a lifelong process, I think. Where I am with it now is progress if you can imagine.

Anyway, so I feel a little better about the insane quote I got today $5,000 to haul and clean and sanitize. Jeez...part of the reason the quote was so high was because we were going to have to rent a dumpster. Now, on the 10:00 news tonight they said that the city would be doing garbage pick-ups for free. @#!$$@#%$%^ You can translate that any way you want. I am ticked because I just called Service Master and got their voice mail. I told them to cancel the dumpster. I hope I don't have to pay for that!!

And back to my quiet, happy place. Breathe. Again...

I found the cutest picture today of DP and me at a fundraiser. I was skinny!! We were a lot younger then. I also found one of my kitty who died in 1999. She was 17, and I miss her sometimes. Her personality was so different from any cat I've had since.

I'm annoyed with the edges of my Irish Hiking Scarf. Somehow I'm knitting too tightly on the edges and too loosely in the middle. I'm resisting frogging, but you know I will. I should just get to it since the more I knit the more I'll have to frog.

And back to my quiet, happy place. Thanks for listening!

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  1. I am so sorry that the quote was so high. When we ahd a fire at the house a few years back Service Pro had their quote so high to rip off the insurance that we chose another vendor.

    You never told us what was in the box from Amazon.....I am so curious.....please update....

    Good luck with the WW! I'm glad that you went to Pride too. We went to ours and had a blast!


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