Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flotsam and Jetsam

Have you ever seen a litter box float? Have you ever wanted to?

Thanks for the kind kind words from my fellow bloggerknitters. I really appreciate it!

It is 1:41 pm and Service Master has 20 minutes before they are outside of the 12 - 2 window. Not that I am going anywhere.

I joined the Irish Hiking Scarf KAL. I'm amazed at my thrill with cables (Mandy, you were totally right...once again). I was so afraid of them for so long. I am using my stitch markers from HideandSheep on Etsy. I love them. They are pretty and functional. What more could a girl want. I'm making my first Irish Hiking Scarf already. I am on the first row of the first cables. I'm using some functional but not fancy yarn in a pretty heather grey that I like working with. It's machine washable and plan is that the scarf will be gifted.

Because of the Pride Parade in Chicago on Sunday, I decided to skip my WW meeting which feels so negligent, indulgent even. Although missing has not kept me away from my goals and my eating really hasn't changed. I just took a lasagne out of the oven...lots of spinach, ground turkey and mushrooms. Yum-my and healthy. Gotta love the lycopene in the tomato sauce. (I dunno, just making conversation.) What do I really know of lycopene in order to love it. I don't have the interest in the engagement process, so I will just trust the "professionals" and eat it because I like it. Lycopene or no.

A very very large package just arrived on our porch from Amazon. I did not order it. I am curious. I will have to wait until after 7 when DP comes home from work.

Back to the flotsam and jetsam. The alley is not flooded anymore - with water. Now there is debris, furniture, broken items, ruined belongings from basements. I am wondering if I am going to need to rent a dumpster for the stuff we have. My stomach leapt at the thought and now I'm nauseous again.

Better go knit. It calms me.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear about the flooding issues that you're having to deal with right now...I've got my fingers crossed that it will be a relatively easy cleanup and that a rental dumpster will not be necessary! In any case, I hope that the cable knitting is providing you with some therapy with all the other stress...Take care!


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