Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ahh, Knitting Interlude

Interlude? No, I think I might need a quaalude.

Well, here's what I have so far on the Hiking Scarf...I'm still not thrilled with the hourglass shape it has been developing into, but I am getting the hang of cables and feeling ready for more excitement. I think that the row counting is a pain in the you-know-where. Need a system for that.

Edited to add: Thanks for the suggestions about the anti-hourglass. As I knit it gets flatter...and it's a hiking scarf for goodness sakes. I really need to chill out. There are four dehumidifiers whirring away in my basement but it smells CLEAN and it is unreal how much stuff we had to throw away!


  1. Yeah, I remember that hourglass shape from my Irish Hiking Scarf, and I wasn't too thrilled with it either. But it stays straight through the entire middle section, so you many like it better after another 12" or so. But ... it does tend to flare on both ends, even after blocking, so if that will bother you, you might want to rip now. If you rip and decide to try again -- perhaps the Irish Hiking Scarf KAL would help. I seem to remember a couple people came up with anti-flare modifications and posted them on the KAL site. Check it out:

  2. Thank you for sharing the interlude.....

    I use an index card and just record the number on it as I start the row. Not the most efficient...but it has always served me well.

    Who knows, but I bet that part of the hourglass shape will disappear if you block the scarf.....

    BTW - It looks wonderful .


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