Friday, November 27, 2009

A Knitter's Challenge

I was reading forum posts on Ravelry a few weeks ago and saw, in the Windy City Fiber Folks thread, a post entitled: TRADE OFFER: Knit for Handspun or ...

The post said she had the second of her pair of mits as well as the second sock to complete. Feeling rather confident in my knitting skills (!!), I was curious. I pm'd her. I also, by the way, looked at her gorgeous handspun and my curiosity grew. I am not really interested in spinning. I love that many of you are, but me? I'm really happy knitting and designing.

Well, last Sunday we met in person. Mind you, I still had not asked much about the patterns, I just figured I'd figure them out. And, my dear friend Sarah said, yes, of course you can figure it out no matter what it is. I wasn't worried.

So, I'm excited to say that I'm about to start the toe on the first top down sock I've ever made in my entire knitting life and I actually like the pattern a lot. I might actually try a top down sock, people, how amazing is that? I've been really interested in trying one of Cookie A's patterns, or Grumperina's Jaywalkers, or ... Thank you SpinSpanSpun for opening up my knitting world.

I should say that this woman is a lovely human being as well.

I'm likely to finish this sock today, then I'll weave in the tails...and get going on the mit! Huzzah! Another new pattern. So exciting.

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.


  1. Cute! Wonder if my monitor would knit socks for me?

  2. Very cute! But then do you give them back to her and she gives you some handspun? I started on top down, then moved to toe up, two at a time. Now I only do two at at time, but do both directions. Enjoy. g


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