Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday

The Cat with her Own Room

Ruthie's Abode

Peaceful Household, Happy Cats

Have I told you all about our experiences of having Miss Ruthie groomed -- actually shaved into a lion cut? We did this about 6 months ago. The old girl is losing her teeth and does not do a great deal of grooming (really not much grooming at all), and she is the long-haired feline in the house.

Yeah, so, when the groomer said "the other cats might treat her as a new cat" I disregarded it since Ruthie is the outcast cat in the pecking order around here. Ruthie and Gracie do fine, but the other cats notsomuch. I just figured it would be all normal. I was wrong.

For the first two months we did this Ruthie and her personal litter pan live in our room and the bathroom. Sleep was not to be had because Ruthie purrs REALLY loudly and she likes to wedge herself between my chin and my shoulder (when I'm on my side) or on my chest under my chin when I'm on my back. She didn't once go and play with the other two under the door. No interest at all whatsoever. Harumph.

Then we tried various other things, re-introducing techniques galore. Nada I tell you NA-DA. These cats were having none of that.

We have a room in the basement that has shelves and a rocking chair and other kitty paraphernalia. We moved Ruthie down there and she is happy as a clam. We see her more now because she used to just hide most of the time. I visit her a couple of times every day. We sit together on the rocking chair and she looks up at me with her toothless face and all's well in the world.

I know it seems so sad, but really it has been the best solution. Even when we leave the door open to the room, she doesn't leave it. She just looks up at us as if to say, "are you kidding, in here I'm the queen and out there Georgie is going to jump me."

Happy Whiskers on Wednesday from Queen Diva Miss Ruthie.


  1. I'm glad you found the ideal solution. Sometimes a queen needs her own kingdom with strong borders.

  2. Oh sweet Ruthie :$. It looks like her hair has grown back at least!

  3. It isn't easy getting old, whether you're a human or a cat. I'm glad she's happy in her private apartment.

  4. Love those eyes of hers! Every queen should have it so good. All she needs is a moat around her castle to keep the peasants at bay!

  5. Awww, sweet Ruthie. I'm glad she has her own room now & is happy. :)


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