Sunday, September 6, 2009

Where did the summer go?

I'll tell you where...I've been busy having fun! I've been knitting, visiting friends, EXERCISING (I know, right?!), and working less. Life is improving. Lehu and I are cleaning today, good times, but the result will be worth it for sure.

Knitting Updates

I've completed threeish pairs of socks!! Now, don't get weird on me...two of these pairs are from like March or something. I did the finishing work on those two. The other pair, however, I did make this summer. Pictures to follow since I gave them away before taking a photo (bad blogger, I know).

  • The ones I started in April will go to Sarah who has renamed her blog -- I love it! She and I are both recognizing the joys of destashing. We are not always successful, but we are in process of destashing. Check out all the crafty stuff she does, I impressed.

  • I did actually make a pair of socks from the tofutsies...they are not done yet so they don't count. I think I'd originally planned these for Sarah, but since she LOVED the other ones so much I thought those would be a better fit (ha ha, get it? fit...I crack myself up).

I've started the pair that I showed yesterday. They are from Austermann Steppe with aloe. They have grey, navy blue and cream and I just love this yarn. LOVE IT! I'm doing cables in sets of three with a longer bit in between. You can probably see them in the pic from yesterday. I'll put up more later.

I have still never knit a pair of socks from the top down. I am a toe-up fan. I have recently discovered WendyKnit's Toe-Up Socks with Gusset on the Bottom of the Foot (you have to scroll down to the pattern (it's free), which I love very very much. I think that I almost have that technique memorized now. I've integrated it in with Judy's Magic cast on and adding my own patterns and designs. So fun!!! I loved Wendy's patterns so much that I recently got her book, which is fantabulous.

I miss you all, sorry to have been gone so long. With fall coming (and my self-imposed time-limits on Facebook), I imagine there will be more indoor time.


  1. What a wonderful, productive summer you've had! I loved hearing about all your projects too. I managed to get a great deal of knitting and crocheting done this summer, sitting under the umbrella on our dock by the lake...I could look up every so often and enjoy the mountains!

  2. So THAT'S where my sock mojo went! You must have yours, mine and someone else's. Go girl!

  3. I'm glad someone has had fun this summer! Seems as if most of mine was spent at work. Pout
    That's ok, the winter season is time for fun around here. :)


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