Thursday, June 25, 2009

It is HOT.

Gracie "Happy Wagger" by ahj

Well. those who had been hoping for summer weather in Chicago have been granted their wish. I prefer the transitional seasons. Spring and Fall. Mild temperatures, no windchill or heat indices. But, four seasons are nice for variation.

And, despite this heat, I have signed myself up for some more motivation...a 5K on July 19th. It is a Women Only event. So, I'm going to do this. Even if I have to walk part of it.

I've been doing strength training for two weeks now and feel a little different already. No, not just the muscle aches ha ha.

Off to take a walk/run in the sweltering heat. I will leave Miss Gracie at home for this one, I think it's too hot for her.


  1. You have more ambition than I have. In this heat I just want to stay inside and chill. Good luck.

  2. The girls and I are walking too, but I think now, I'll have to adjust and walk them first thing in the morning! Good luck training for your 5k. I'll be thinking cool thoughts for you.

  3. Thanks for the support and encouragement! Yay.

  4. That's awesome! I'll be cheering you on in spirit that weekend (we'll be in DC with the inlaws).


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