Wednesday, May 20, 2009

In Which the Urban Zoo Acquires a Hammock

Happy Birthday Chicago Sarah!

Chicago Sarah (whose birthday is 5/20) and her Sweetie brought me a hammock from Nicaragua in January...and I finally got a stand (from Lowe's). So, while I am away from work on my Staycation, there will be hammock time. Thanks Sarah!!!


  1. Beautiful hammock! Mugsy loved getting in (on?) the hammock with me when he was younger, so maybe I'll get the Knight to bathe ours and put it up this weekend. Sissy is sure to think it's a yard toy...

  2. Staycations are my favorite!

    I had a hammock in upstate NY, until one tragic day my sister, my daughter, my dog and I all got into it and...

    yes it broke

  3. What a great present!! I'd love to have a hammock if the dang misquitos here wouldn't carry me off! LOL

  4. I love that hammock! It looks like sweet Gracie likes it, too. Give her belly scratches from me and kisses from my gang!

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