Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whiskers on Wednesday

Ruthie is really diggin' her new summer 'do, but Georgie thinks we've brought an alien into the house. The saga of the felines in the Urban Zoo continues...

We have continued the "New Cat Entering the Household" protocol. Ruthie is happy as a clam, not really all that interested in going to the door where paws can play. But Georgie and Idgie sit in front of that door most of their waking hours. Yesterday, the cat formerly known as Mellow Georgie, hissed and growled and his tail puffed up like a feather duster when he saw Ruthie as I exited the bedroom/bathroom where she has been living. This made me also want to growl, but part of the protocol is to act normally toward all the animals. No one is special/everyone is special.

Oye gevalt is all I'm saying.

But this morning, Ruthie ventured out of her rooms. The other cats are in the basement where they live at night time (there are lots of fun and comfy spots for them down food, water and litter boxes). She is now exploring the living room. She has hissed at Gracie and swatted, but I think that is because Gracie was annoyed with Ruthie for sitting on "her" chair.

Again, oye gevalt.

On a knitting note...Mom's socks are nearly complete. I am now considering cute patterns for baby hats. There seem to be a lot of little girls due this summer. One set of twins included.


  1. I maintain they're kids in fur coats. I hope "normalcy" returns soon!

  2. We need more pictures of Ruthie! Eraser needs to see the fab new haircut so she can get prepared for her upcoming transformation....I just hope Sassy doesn't freak out....hopefully your "family" will resume normal functions soon... :)

  3. Oh, the drama! Is it wrong that I think it's a little bit funny that the other cats think Ruthie is a new cat? I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help myself!


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