Saturday, April 25, 2009

The one where Ruthie gets a Lion Cut

Once upon a time, there were three cats. One, who is usually very very mellow and does not get upset easily (Georgie), one, who adapts to change very very poorly (Idgie), and one who keeps to herself (Ruthie).

The other players:

Urban Zoo Knitter
Gracie - you probably know her...she's the Golden I can't stop talking about.

Back to our story, already in progress. Georgie spent most of the day yesterday sitting on the front enclosed porch enjoying the sunshine and supervising the workers.

Urban Zoo Knitter (UZK) gathered up Ruthie at 12:30 pm and got her in the carrier with not much ado -- getting pretty good at this task. Didn't get ANY scratches at all. And, there was only one hiss involved (from the cat).

In case you forgot what our Diva looks like with her tresses...very glam.

This time of year, however, the glam becomes matty and kind of impossible to maintain (mane-tain...ha ha ha). So, we generally take her to a cats only groomer who refuses to do lion cuts because she thinks they are cruel. She might be right. But stay with me here...because I'm not convinced.

I have friends who run a no-kill cat shelter and one of their cats gets a lion cut for the summer too, so I didn't feel terrible about subjecting Ruthie to this process. And, she's been to the other groomer so much that she's really actually well behaved at the groomers now.

As I dropped her off at this place called the Bark Bark club (dogs, clearly, get more services than cats...what with day care and all of that)... their review on yelp talked about how great the cat groomer is. They were right, but I'll get to that.

I dropped her off at 1. Because that is the time I wrote in my calendar. When I was filling out the paperwork, they said they would probably start her at 3 and she'd be done by 5, but since they close at 5 could I get there earlier. I shrugged my shoulders and thought, why didn't I drop her off later? I felt so bad that she'd have to be in the carrier for all that time. Poor little Miss Ruthie. But, I left her feeling hopeful that it would be alright.

So, I went on my way to do errands and visit with a friend. At 4:30 they called and said, "your kitty will be ready at 5, could you be here a little before that since we close at 5?" I was perplexed. Why not just say she'd be ready at 4:45? But, whatever. I got there and she was just about ready. I paid the nice people, and the groomer came out with Ruthie in her carrier (it's a nice one, like a duffel bag with mesh sides so she can see out ... and breathe).

"Was she okay?" I asked reluctantly.
"Yes, she was perfect...she would just lie down and let us work on her."
"Really?! Oh, that's good. Thanks." Inside I was feeling horrible. I was scared that this cat would hate me forever and ever. And, I'm her favorite mama so that was not a fun thought AT ALL.
"Do you have other cats at home? Because they will sometimes treat cats who come home with a lion cut as I want you to be ready for that." No biggie, I thought, they always treat her as an outsider.

I was unprepared for what happened next.

Every cat changed roles.

  • Georgie became a freaked out howling hissing growling maniac
  • Idgie was indifferent
  • Ruthie was sweet and playful
We have instituted the "introducing a new cat to your household" protocol. I expect that this will last a week.

But, last night, Ruthie just started to love her new style. She's carefree and cuddly...she loves to be touched (this is unusual) and she's letting me pick her up more.

Drum Roll Please...

She is so soft and pretty...but kinda looks like a giant rat. Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Awww, I think she looks adorable!! Isn't it funny how they all reacted. Especially Ruthie, she must love the new cut!! :)
    And she still loves her #1 Mommy!

  2. She is quite a beauty with her new 'do! She like she is saying "You may take my picture, no, let me turn my head a little so it looks like you are catching me unawares." You've got to post a picture with her tail out!

  3. Huh. I must admit, I never even thought about cats going to a groomer. I have watched dogs suffer through modesty and/or humiliation after a drastic clipping/shaving, so I guess I'm not too surprised that a "simple" haircut upset your household dynamics...

  4. I never though of getting my Pia a Lion Cut, in fact never heard of it before. I'm lucky that Pia does not matte and loves getting brushed. Funny how they changed roles. Keep us posted if and when things return to normal.

  5. She looks wonderful...I have long considered this for Eraser, and now might be a good time to do it. Before she meets Frankie and Amber and we move to the new house...


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