Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yoga Swap Parcel

I love this package. My swap pal, Jessica, lives in Williamsburg, VA. She sent me:

  • a hand made scarf from pretty yellow/gold yarn
  • earrings from her etsy shop (little rainbows, how appropriate) oops didn't show up in pic
  • a bell ankle bracelet for my belly dance workouts (ooh ahh)
  • a GORGEOUS bag from Chang Mai Thailand with ELEPHANTS! We all know how much i heart elephants. I actually have a dark blue pillow with the very same design that my sister brought me from Thailand. I am one lucky girl.
  • The Knitter's Gift a book I have not read, and will enjoy very much.
  • amazing laceweight in deep eggplant. Must.Knit.Lace!!
  • And, a lovely card describing each item.
Thanks, girl, good (but safe) cyberstalking in the name of swapping!!


  1. Very nice package! I bet she shopped at one of my favorite yarn shops there...

  2. Great package!! And that really was some good syber stalking. :)


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