Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesday: Rainy Rainy Tuesday

Thankfully, we have not gotten any water in our basement as of yet. The news had "team coverage" of the "Flash Flood Warning" last night, which always gets me a little edgy (the flash flood warning, not the team coverage, the team coverage just makes me giggle).

Days like today are generally a drag to face, but I have my cute rain boots with little pink and white umbrellas, and my matching pink rain jacket to take the edge off. Both items, purchased at different times, were on sale - which also makes me happy. I love to get a deal!

Another happy thing...little Tap Shoes, remember her? She started walking this week! And, gotta love modern technology because my brother sent me a video on my phone from his phone so I can watch it any time I want! It makes me smile. She's a real cutie. Such a mix of her mom and her dad...sometimes she looks and acts like MY dad which I've got to tell you is very eerie and reassuring at the same time.

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  1. Now THOSE are boots that might help me not hate rain so much. Cute, cute! What a thoughtful brother you have too...


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