Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Birdie's Mama

Once upon a time there was a friend who was born on this day ___ years ago.  I will let her fill in that number because I do believe that at some point she started aging backwards.  It was 1989 when we first met.  I was a zany college junior who enjoyed smoking cigarettes and partying.  (I've changed a lot in this regard because I haven't had a cigarette since 1993 and one or two drinks will do me in now).  

This year, marks 20 years of incredible friendship filled with laughs, good talks, hanging out...sharing crazy cat lady stories...and more.  I am very thankful, can you tell?

So, in honor of this day of Birdie's Mama's birth, I will tell you a little about three things I have learned from her:
  1. The value of honesty - I remember one time I addressed an envelope to her with my zip code so it took a long time for it to get to her.  Her response was "you dope, you put your own zip code."  It was true, I was a little bit of a space cadet.  I love that we can just be real with each other.  Not a lot of pretense.
  2. The value of hanging out - I love just being with her and her family.  Just sitting around chatting or whatever.  It's great.  It's also great knitting time.
  3. The value of acceptance - we just appreciate each other for who we are.  We are pretty different in a lot of ways, but very similar in others.  I love this.
Love you Birdie's Mama!  Looking forward to continuing on this journey together.  The photo was taken in Kalamazoo several years ago.


  1. We all need at least one friend like that. Happy Birthday, Birdie's Mama!

  2. Happy Birthday Birdie's Mom! A friend like that is indeed a rare and wonderful gift!

  3. Thanks for all the nice words. I couldn't ask for a better friend! By the way, I am not aging backwards..I am perfecting the age of 28. It might take awhile longer. Love you!


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